Stewart Innes owns and operates www.sahha.org.

He is also the owner of www.3alamplay.com and www.wikidonalds.com

Stewart spent over fifteen years as a media operative throughout the Middle East and Africa.

This work has regularly placed him in extreme situations and environment.

He has often found that having the right gear and apparel always makes a big difference in his ability to manage and indeed survive these situations and environments.

From the smallest hidden money bag to the 4×4 truck – each item played a role and each had a hand in his accomplishing assignments and surviving challenges.

Although he has not personally used all the items featured on 3alamplay.com, Stewart understands the needs of travelers and adventurers enough to understand how certain products will can help enhance their experiences and indeed survive them.

Having some fun along the way is important, so there are items in this website that are fun too.

A full life is about work and play, as well as staying alive and safe.

Contact Stewart on: [email protected]

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